Use the Schedule a Pickup tool to request a pickup of your Marldha shipment. You can use the tool to schedule a pickup from your home. Need to change your pickup address? It’s fast and easy. Simply Resubmit a new schedule in minutes.


Complete our online data collection form with details of where you intend us to pick up the package from.

When you complete the entry, you will get an instant notification with details of your request. Confirm it by replying to the notification.

Once you confirm your Pick up Request, you pay for it and our one of our agents will be on his/her way.

Use the form above to Schedule one-time pickups for Marldha Express, Marldha Ground and Marldha Express Freight shipments.

Use our online live chat messenger to get latest info about your status and also to get 24/7 Assistance.

To cancel your Schedule pick up, simply submit your request by refilling the form, or by submitting your request using our live chat.

Specify the time your shipment will be ready for pickup, the latest time it will be available and any special instructions.

You have to always verify your address details carefully before submitting, to avoid mismatching address.

When completing your pickup schedule, check email notifications if you will appreciate us sending you notifications by email.