• Importing a pet
  • We at MarldhaShipping Company, always plan your pet’s relocation process carefully and meticulously. Our pet relocation specialists have helped hundreds of clients to relocate their beloved pets to reach their new homes.Arranging the Import Permit / Import License to import pets.Provide consultation & assistance on preparing all travel documentations specialized for your petImport Customs Documentation / Customs Declaration

    Import Customs Clearance & Import Quarantine Clearance within 01-02 hours from the time of flight arrival Door Delivery if required (Transport from Airport to customer’s residence)



  • Exporting a pet
  • Focusing on your beloved pet’s safety and comfort, our pet pet relocation specialists will help you with every detail.Total Pet Relocation services under one roof. (Door-to-Door Service & Origin Airport to destination airport)Manifested Air Freight AVI flight arrangements for pets / Flight itinerary booking Quarantine Certificates, International Health Certificates and other Travel Documents Export Quarantine Approvals & Clearance (Chief Quarantine Office & Airport Quarantine) Export Customs documentation and clearance / Customs Approvals

    IATA Certified Airline Travel Crates (Plastic or Customized wooden crates)Identification / ISO micro-chipping process if required


  • Import permit for pet
  • When importing a pet dog, (personal pet or commercial), the importer must have a valid import permit and an import license issued by the Government.Import Permit – Department of Animal Production & Health Once the application is reviewed, MarldhaShipping Company will apply for the import permit from “Department of Animal Production and Health (DAPH)” on behalf of the customer. The “import permit” application process approximately takes 03-04 working days. The Import Permit issued by DAPH is valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

    Import License – Import and Export Control Department of the Government

    Importation of live animals is controlled and requires an import license to facilitate the importation process. All pets coming in to the Country require an Import License from the ‘Import & Export Control Department’. MarldhaShipping Company will review the application and obtain the required import license and this process approximately takes 02-03 working days.

  • Imported pet travel crates
  • We supply IATA certified international Pet travel crates / carriers for all your requirements

    Product Specifications

    IATA / LAR Certified

    Made using Heavy duty, high plastic construction

    Steel nuts and bolts instead of plastic locking fasteners

    Extra strong stainless steel used for the doors / Non-corrosive

    Secure door latches and easy to operate

    Four way ventilation

    Sizes / Models Available in Stock

    Size#200 – Cats / Small dogs: 67.5 x 51 x 47 CM (LxWxH)
    Size#300 – Intermediate small/medium dogs: 81.2 x 57.5 x 60.6 CM (LxWxH)
    Size#400 – Large medium to large dogs : 90.7 x 63.6 x 68.6 CM (LxWxH)
    Size#500 – X-Large large dogs: 100 x 67 x 75 CM (LxWxH)
    Size#700 – XX-Large (Giant) large dogs: 122 x 81.28 x 88.9 CM (LxWxH)

    We also offer custom made Wooden Pet Travel Crates / Carriers according IATA standards, at affordable prices. For certain destinations, as per the regulations we can fumigate the wooden travel boxes as well. If you are planning on traveling more than once it is advisable to choose a plastic crate as the wooden box is theoretically for one/two use only.

    All of our wooden pet travel crates are manufactured from high quality plywood on a strong wooden frame. Each travel crate has a full welded wire mesh back and a weld wire mesh window in the door. The door bolts are spring loaded to avoid opening during transit and we also added hinges to the larger boxes for added strength and security. Furthermore, we use 02 strong metal handles fitted to each side of the crate which are required when handling the shipment.

    To comply with the IATA LAR (Live Animals Regulations) each wooden travel crate is fitted with an inside water bowl so that fluids can be delivered without opening the crate door and disturbing the animal during transit. A food bowl will be attached to the crate door as well.


    or relocation of feathered friends, we offer custom bird crates complete with perches, for everything from large Parrots to tiny love birds. The standard pet travel crates will be slightly modified which will be suitable for a bird.

    For perching birds, the travel crates must be of sufficient height to allow your feathered friend to perch naturally without its head or tail touching the top or bottom. Accordingly, a wooden perch of appropriate diameter will be firmly attached inside of the standard pet travel crate.

    Bird travel carriers must have a solid, leak-proof floor. The crate floor will be covered with shredded paper; pegboard flooring is prohibited. These requirements provide the maximum cleanliness for the parrot during travel. All internal edges on the bird travel carrier must be smooth with no sharp projections. Furthermore, a water bowl will be attached to the door in every bird crate.

    Airlines may have more restrictive requirements, such as allowing only one adult parrot per kennel. Be sure to check with the airline you are using. IATA LAR regulations state that there must be sufficient perch space for all birds to perch simultaneously. The numbers of birds will be restricted by the length of perch space within the container. Furthermore, larger birds must have comparably fewer per container or compartment of a container. Aggressive birds must be packed individually.

  • International Pet Relocation Consultancy
  • To begin with, we are experts when it comes to finding the safest, most direct route for your pets. We stay up to date on all import and transportation requirements for your pets. We have excellent relationships with the personnel at the airlines

    We are not simply “pet travel agents”. Our mission is to help any one who requires international pet relocation in any way we can. If you decide to use our services, we will consult you free of charge and advise you before we proceed. We go in to detail, and our team will discuss and explain each and every stage of the pet’s relocation process with you. By doing so, we will ensure that you have made the correct choice and guarantee that your beloved pet will have the safest and most comfortable journey up to the required destination.

    Each pet shipment is quoted based on your specific needs. Furthermore, our relocation team will review your pet’s vaccination records and medical history with you before we give any rates or quotations for the pet’s travel.Some of the countries simply require an international health certificate and vaccination records, whereas other countries have specific requirements such as rabies titre tests and waiting time periods before entering the said destination countries. Accordingly, these processes must begin months in advance of the shipment. Let us advise you!

  • Quarantine Services
  • Marldha Shipping Company provides complete Export Customs documentation, Customs Declaration, and Export Customs approvals for your pet’s relocation process. Our team consists of in-house customs brokers who possess extensive experience in handling live animal shipments over long period of time.

    Furthermore, MarldhaShipping Company also offers complete Quarantine documentation, and Export Quarantine approvals for your pet’s relocation process.

    Importing Pets;

    MarldhaShipping Company provides complete Import Customs documentation, Import Customs Declaration, and Import Customs approvals for your pet’s relocation process. Our specialist customs brokerage team will offer an customs clearance within 03-04 Hours.

    As per the new regulations, all pets will be quarantined from now onwards upon arrival (for min 1 day – max 03 days). Once quarantined, Food & Care must be provided by the pet owner at the expense and risk of the pet owner. There must be a caretaker or the pet owner to look after the pet during the quarantine period. There are adequate rooms/facilities provided for the pet owner to stay with the pet at the quarantine facility with the pet until the pet is released.

    Since there will be quarantine involved, we highly suggest you use a flight between MON-THU arriving during week hours. Once the Customs clearance is done, we can then transfer the pets to the Quarantine Station and if all the documentation is in proper order, MarldhaShipping Company can get the pets released from Quarantine on the same day within few hours.

    Health Inspection at the Quarantine Kennels will be available on weekdays from 8.30 AM to 4.00 PM excluding weekends and public holidays.

  • Veterinary Services
  • When relocating your precious pets to other countries, certain destination countries might require the pet to have a Rabies Serology Test (Titer Test) done at an approved laboratory. If you are specifically traveling to an EU Country, a Rabies Serology test for your precious dog / cat is MANDATORY. Furthermore there are many other countries in the world which requires Rabies Serology test done on the pet before entering the said destination country.

    All the countries which require a Rabies Serology Test done, requires a Rabies Antibody Titre of higher than 0.5 IU/ml. For pets entering EU countries, the Rabies Serology Test must be done at an EU approved blood testing laboratory. Through our partner veterinary team, we will collect the blood sample, separate the serum and we will send the serum sample to an EU approved lab immediately on express courier service. MarldhaShipping Company team will organize the Rabies Titer test at an EU approved laboratory on behalf of the pet owner.

    If you require our assistance in order to do a Rabies Serology Test (Rabies Titer Test) for your precious pet cat / dog, please speak to one of our experienced staff members.

  • Pet travel Documentation
  • Your pet is a member of your family. Your MarldhaShipping Company Pet relocation consultant will recognize this important fact and will be dedicated to your pet’s safety. Getting all the required documents for pet travel can be a difficult and time-consuming task. We make moving with pets much easier for you and your family pet.

    Pet Relocation is difficult as every country has different import and export regulations. If you want to move your pet to US or move your pet abroad from US there are certain import and export requirements to be met. We can provide you with the necessary information regarding vaccinations, import or export permits, health certificate and quarantine requirements for almost every destination in the world.

    Apart from the above, we will arrange all export / import documentation required to smoothly relocate your precious pet.

  • Pet Boarding services
  • If your pets needs temporary boarding before or after their flight, we arrange comfortable and safe accommodation for your pets in US. We board pets only with our trusted partners, so they’re always in a comfortable, clean and safe home away from home.

    At MarldhaShipping Company, your pet receives tender loving care under professionals who love and understand pets. The place where you can leave your pets with full assurance that they will be cared for as much as you do.

    At MarldhaShipping Company, we offer a comprehensive range of services to suit your every pet boarding need. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please feel free to let us know how you would like your dog’s meals prepared and what kind of routine you would like, and we will create a customized package just for you! Rest Assured.