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MUSCA SHIPPING COMPANY established since 1996. Our oceans are the world’s greatest highway accounting for 45% of the goods shipped worldwide. There are fifty-five thousand merchant vessels in operation that are circulating an estimated twenty million ocean containers throughout the world. What does that mean to shippers? It means in about 30 days one can ship their goods inside an ocean container door to door to or from just about anywhere on the planet. There are exceptions, of course, but shipping over the sea is reliable and the single most important mode of shipping internationally. Ocean freight is also the most cost-effective way to move freight worldwide as modern super carriers can carry 15,000+ containers per sailing. The fact that any given vessel can travel distances estimated at up to ¾ of the distance to the moon and back in one year highlights the significance ocean freight has on our lives in the modern world. We pledge to customer satisfaction in our prior concern. We believe our clients deserve more than just a service. Over the years. MUSCA SHIPPING COMPANY has gained excellent reputation worldwide within Relocation and Export Services.







Our Top Level Management

Our Experienced Management Reflects Quality Services

Allen Clifford - CEO Musca Shipping

Born in New York City and having graduated from the University at Buffalo in the 1970’s, Allen began his maritime career in freight forwarding with the German organization, Deugro GmbH, followed by Freight Base, an Nvocc which was still in its infancy in the industry. Joining Containership Agency in 1981, selling for Italian Lines, Neptune Orient Lines and Bottachi Lines, Allen quickly rose through the ranks and began an association that led him to Musca Shipping Company, which Containership Agency represented at the time. Booking cargoes on other carriers to and from the United States, Allen grew the company as its first employee of Musca Shipping Company in the United States under the President at the time, Capt Nicola Arena, who started Musca Shipping Company in the United States.

Mike Morgera - Executive President

Born in Georgia, Mike Morgera followed in the footsteps of his father and graduated from the Merchant Marine School and immediately enrolled in his first shipping line. His passion for the sea allowed him to grow when opportunities presented themselves in the industry. His self-discipline guided him along the way to one of the top positions in the company. Working as a Deck Officer from 1981 to 1986 with D’Amico Societa’ di Navigazione in Rome, Mike Morgera continued his maritime experience and studies joining Musca Shipping Company in 1986 in the same capacity, during which he received his Captain’s license while he traveled on board Musca Shipping Company to Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. As President of our Export Line, his passion remains as strong as ever.

Luca Catassi - Chief Finance Officer

Having studied at the Universita’ di Genova and receiving a Master’s degree of Dottore Magistrale in Economia e Commercio in 2006, Luca served as Controller at CITIS, which is the Consorzio Italiano Imprese di Servizi in 1992. Joining Musca Shipping Company in the United States in 1998, Luca honed his experience and financial expertise, while guiding the USA organization from the bottom, up by joining the freight cashier division, and other financial groups in the company before rising to Controller in 2007. In 2008, Luca was named CFO of Musca Shipping Company USA, and has lent his expertise to ensure the financial upward trajectory of the USA, organization. Luca is married to Amiramis and has a son, Benjamin. Luca and his family reside in New Jersey.

Flexible Pricing

Musca Shipping Company strives to stay at the top of the industry and thus provide very competitive prices to our clients. Our Pricing is very flexible depending on the independent situation of the Client at the moment, resulting to maximum customer satisfaction.

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Creative Solutions

Musca Shipping Company over its many years of experienced, have developed reliable creative solutions, to meet with client's expectations and this has put us at the top of the industry when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Premium Support

Musca Shipping Company has a 24/7 premium support to its clients, with a dedicated staff, always ready to attend to our Clients. You can easily use the free live chat messenger available on our site or call the numbers available on our contact page for immediate professional assistance.